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Search Engine Optimization

If You Want To Be Found Online You Have to Be Search Optimized 

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What good is an amazing looking website if nobody gets to see it? Successful search engine optimization campaigns are a modern day requirement to propel your brand’s website into the top tier of Google and Bing’s organic rankings results.  Here's a few statistics:

  • Over 85% of your customers use search engines and social networks to find your products and services.
  • 57% of users will quit searching if they do not find what they are looking for within the first twenty results.

Making it to the top two result pages for your industry’s most popular search terms is highly competitive, and it gets more agressive each day. We create custom search optimization campaigns that reposition your business’ current ranking and lift your website’s organic search results and therefore increase consumer traffic. This strategy towards marketing aids you in targeingt new and existing customer bases.

Your SEO Campaign is made up of:

  • Keyword Research and Discovery
    • Direct Competitive Assessment of your main competitors’ search positioning
    • Industry Keyword Analysis to determine new search term opportunities and strategies for high value keywords
  • Search Optimized Code to ensure that your site’s technical HTML architecture conforms to SEO best practices, making both its contents and its intent easier for engines to read and evaluate
  • Meta Information Optimization where we optimize your page titles, description tags, text links, link titles, image ALT tags, semantic headers, and structured micro-data in order to effectively communicate each page’s story to search engines
  • Search Friendly Copy Editing to guarantee that your site’s copy surpasses the content quality and relevance standards imposed by Google’s increasingly infamous Panda update
  • Digital Assets Evaluation to make sure that your electronic files (images, PDF files, Microsoft Word and Excel documents, MP3 audio files, videos, etc.) have keyword rich names, links, and attached meta-information so that search engines can better understand their contents

Your "External-Page" SEO Campaign consists of:

  • Organic Link Building is an aggressive effort to build your off-site brand presence by constructing an organic web of "authoritative" citations that link back to your site. Google evaluates these backlinks by looking at the reputation of each of the sites that link back to yours. If these sites are trustworthy, your site will share in their popularity, which can substantially boost your search rankings.
  • Social Signaling involves the proper positioning of your brand within social media channels and maximizing the "trust flow" into your site.
  • Local Search + Business Profile Build Out ensures that your presence in local search and on business profile sites is search friendly and fully representative of your brand rather than the guesswork of Yelp, Foursquare, and City Search. 

Boost Your Search Rankings with a Comprehensive SEO Campaign

Your DBS search optimization specialist will work with your company to design, implement and continually refine a high-performance SEO campaign. Internally, our search specialists work in tandem with our expert web developers and digital marketing team in order to implement suggestions quickly and cost-effectively. We will boost the rank, trust, and authority of your website with a customized search positioning strategy because we understand the science and psychology behind search queries and the ever-evolving search algorithms, which will ultimately help you capture more online traffic.

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