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Mobile Ready Websites

4 smartphonesWe all know that mobile devices will soon surpass regular desktops for internet access.  DBS can develop your site so that it looks good and functions correctly on any device.

By designing a responsive website your users will have a great experience on any device that they might be using. The layout that the user see responds according to the size of the screen of their particular device.  All of this code is contained within the frame of the single main website so there is no need to create and maintain multiple sites for each of the many types of devices that are out there, i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Having a responsive website most likely will lead to return website visits, legnthier stays on pages and therefore a greater change of customers completing some call to action.  Basically the easier it is for the user to navigate your website from any device, the more likely they are to fulfill the call to action.

The code that we use that inities the layout response is very future-friendly and therefore a great investment in your organization. Since a designer cannot take an exisiting design and restructure it without a lengthy process it is best to design all new website with a responsive design from scratch.  Do it correctly the first time prevents having to go back and redo it later.

  • Save money and hassle with a single content management system (CMS) that controls the updates on three display sizes (desktop, portrait tablet and smartphone)
  • Create a future-friendly site that will not have to be redone for every new device and size that is created
  • Guarantee a universal experience for you brand that is carried among a wide array of devices from now and beyond
  • Receive the SEO benefits that come with a responsively designed website, including legenthier page visits, return visits and greater call to action completions

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