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Custom Web Design

triple monitorsYou want someone to create a visually appealing design for your website and that's what we will do.  We'll hone in on the 3 main areas:

  • Interior Page Layout: These are the core pieces of the website layout that show on each page of the site such as the header, footer, sidebars, navigation, and call-to-action sections and graphics.
  • Homepage Layout: This is the gateway to your organization and for your customers and search engines. It provides a basic summary of what people can expect to find out about your organization and directs them to the most important sections of the website.
  • Custom Features: Every website showcases products, services, ideas, and events.  Customizing it and presenting it is where the magic happens.  We can customize the following for you: Portfolio, Searchable Catalog, Real Estate Listings, Multi-Media Libraries, Blog, Calendar, Staff Directory, etc.

Inner Page Layout

Determining the inner page layout is one of the most important task that needs to be completed before the development of the website.  Together we'll identify the basic sections of the layout which will need to be repeated throughout the project. Having a framework as such makes the process flow smoothly and allows you to relax knowing that out team has a firm grasp of how you perceive the final outcome.

You will be assigend a Web Developer that will work with you throughout the entire process from start to finish. Rest easy knowing that you won't be bounced back and forth from person to person.  You'll always know that your designer has a great understanding of your project and will be able to create a visually appealing desgin that satisfies your overall objective.

Every project focuses on key features, such as colors, graphics and fonts.  No project is every the same and we take your specific needs into consideration before we even begin. 

  • You will actually join in and have say about the creation of your website design
  • Brand messaging will be relayed universally by incorporating your exisiting marketing philosophy into the website

Eye Catching Homepage

Once the interior page layout process has been completed, your web designer will work with you to create an eye catching homepage design.  This design will entice new and returning visitors to your website over and over again. Since this is the gateway to your website, the home page needs to be very professional and catchy while serving the purposes of educating who you are and what your website is about.

  • We set the homepage up to stay fresh with relevant content that is dynamic and engaging
  • Your most valuable information is focused on right up front
  • Allow the user to delve deeper into the website by directing them to take some action such as reading more, click here, sign-up, donate or applying now

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Custom Content

When things show up again and again such as  (classes, galleries, products, podcasts, etc.), a Custom Item Database can help manage, organize and repeatedly showcase information on your website. Please read about our 2 custom content features:

  • Custom Item Database
  • Custom Content Database Summary View

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